Jewellery and Accessories
Lightness and Volume
References and Design
Metal and Fabric
Feminine and Masculine
A project by Lucilla Giovanninetti


EANDARE follows many interesting endeavours, starting in the 90’s at the Milan’s “Gioie Sospese” show, where accessories made of soft and simple fabrics inspired the first line of costume jewellery.
The collection was soon followed by hats, scarves, bags and one–size-fits-all garments; it was showcased by European retailers and within a few years it expanded to the high-end American and Asian markets.

EANDARE complements the human form, researching wearable and sometimes voluminous shapes and experimenting with fabric as a malleable new material.
EANDARE jewellery is made of silver, brass and bronze, sometimes paired with fabrics and other materials revealing the soft side of the metals.